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Multiple Calls To mysql_connect()

Script To Make Multiple Calls To mysql_connect()

One can make multiple calls to mysql_connect using the following script :

$dbhandle_1 = mysql_connect ( $host, $user, $pass );
$dbhandle_2 = mysql_connect ( $host, $user, $pass, true );
$database1 = mysql_select_db ( 'database_name_1', $dbhandle_1 );
$database2 = mysql_select_db ( 'database_name_2', $dbhandle_2 );

Now to query ‘database_name_1’ use statement1 and for ‘database_name_2’ use statement2

mysql_query( "SELECT * FROM table", $dbhandle_1 ); //statement1
mysql_query( "SELECT * FORM table", $dbhandle_2 ); //statement2

If both databases are on the same host and share same credentials, keep calling mysql_select_db to switch between databases.